• 2018-12-28

    Installation Date

  • 130 sqm

    Total Area

  • TAK AIR Azure


XiJiao JiaJing Yuan

Mr. Wang’s family villa is located in XiJiao JiaJing Yuan. They selected TAK AIR fresh air system to remove formaldehyde volatiles emitted from new furniture, avoid outdoor air and noise pollution, as well as air circulation due to the structure of the house.


I installed the fresh air system after renovation. An engineer from TAK AIR provided solutions fist, and he was staying on-spot all the time, including cleaning work after installation. My living there makes more difficult to install fresh air system. Thanks to the installer who took care of the furniture, wall and floor, and carefully managed drilling and pipe arrangement. I’m satisfied with overall service. Considering the working power, we selected 400 volume airflow, only costing 1 degree of electricity per day on average. At present, I feel my home is clean and the smell of furniture has faded after using it for half a month.

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