• 2019-06-14

    Installation Date

  • 200 sqm

    Total Area

  • TAK AIR Azure


Jiangpu New Estate

The manufacturing industry has developed rapidly recent years in Kunshan where many factories settled, which has an impact on air quality while revitalizing the local economy.

Mr. Jiang purchase a villa in Kunshan Jiangpu New Estate. They didn’t install fresh air system when renovation started. After staying for a while, they found that normal ventilation would bring in outdoor pollution, so that Mr Jiang decided to select a fresh air system to improve indoor air quality. TAK AIR conducted on-site inspection of Mr. Jiang’s home and proposed different installation methods to ensure that the fresh air system could meet their needs without affecting the interior design of the villa.


Our villa has just been renovated, so we prefer to have a fresh air system that could work with air conditioning system without destroying the original structure. The special installation way allows pipes directly connect with our duct air conditioning. No need to drill extra hole, so interior design keep same as before. Air from vent holes blow comfortably and quietly. The fresh air system won’t influence the temperature too much when air-conditioner is on.

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