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Some people think that buying a fresh air system is a waste. Opening the window ventilation does not cost money, so why spend money and energy to install the fresh air system? First of all, when the air quality outside is bad, PM2.5, dust, automobile exhaust, industrial exhaust gas will enter your house. In winter or summer, air conditioning has been turned on, opening windows is not available; If living in high floor, it is not secure for a family with children. In conclusion, each household has its own special situation, if open window has other hidden dangers, a fresh air system of course, is needed to achieve ventilation

When outdoor fresh air is introduced into the pipeline, insulation pipes should be used to prevent condensation on the outer wall of the pipeline caused by temperature difference in winter when the external temperature is lower than 0℃.

Wall-mounted fresh air system is generally one-way air delivery by the micro-positive pressure principle: in the case of window closed, when it forces the filtered external fresh air inside, indoor air pressure will be slightly higher than the outdoor, and then the original indoor polluted air constantly squeeze out through the door, and finally through the toilet and kitchen air vents . This can achieve ventilation effect, reduce indoor PM2.5, and eliminate carbon dioxide and formaldehyde.

But in the advertising map made by some manufacturers who claims their wall-mounted ventilation system can achieve the whole house purification, the air of each room is squeezed out through the window gap. It is important to know that users who generally choose ventilation system tend to use highly sealed windows, otherwise noise and tiny particles can also come in through the cracks. In this case, dirty air is not easy to get out of a closed room without a vent. Any room that does not belong to the negative pressure area, clean air will not flow in, but will pass through the bathroom and kitchen and come out from the vents, so that the whole house cannot be purified.

So weather wall-mounted fresh air system can perform the whole house purification depends on the room type, the position of the air vent and window sealing. If you are not sure about your home, you can make an appointment to survey and measure the best product for you.

At present, there are two main ways of filtration, electrostatic dust collection and HEPA filtration

Fresh Air system is that the fresh air unit, purifier, fresh air pipe and air vent introduce the outdoor fresh air into the room, after purification treatment, and then convey the fresh air through the pipe to each room. At the same time, the dirty indoor air with low content is discharged from the outdoor to ensure the stability of indoor pressure (micro positive pressure).

It can be calculated in two ways:

(a), the number of ventilations: the number of home ventilation generally select 0.75-1 times.

(b), fresh air volume per capita: 30-50 cubic meters of fresh air per hour.

For example: a 15 square master bedroom with 2.5 meters high floor. According to method 1, it is calculated to get the fresh air volume per hour 15×2.5×1=37.5 cubic meters; while according to method 2 calculation, the number of people in the master bedroom according to 2 people, the required hourly fresh air volume of 2×30×60 cubic meters two calculation results, Select a larger one as the basis for selection, i.e. the room requires 60 cubic meters of fresh air volume per hour. The rest of the room is also calculated according to this method, the sum of the total air volume of each room is less than or equal to the maximum air volume of the selected ventilation unit

The air vent is the terminal device of the ventilation system introducing outdoor air into the room, and the source of blowing out or bringing in in the air supply system. The air pipe is an important device for conveying fresh air, and all the vents need to be closely connected with the air pine to ensure the normal operation of the whole system. The composition of the ventilation system: the ventilation motor-air pipe-air vent, all three are indispensable.

Yes, the fresh air unit has a filter.

The pressure generated by the impact of the pipe wall due to irregular movement of air molecules is called “static pressure”. Then the purpose of setting up the static pressure box is to obtain static pressure. When the air is conveyed through the pipe, in order to make the air pressure of the pipe consistent, it is necessary to establish a static pressure box, so that the dynamic pressure is all converted into static pressure, and then evenly distributed in the air ducts. Similarly, when the air is returned through the pipe, a static pressure box is also required to allow the air to be fully mixed.

Some single ducts of the air supply pipe is also installed static pressure box for noise reduction by the principle that the air into the static pressure box speed significantly slower, the wind will be reduced. The function of the static pressure box is to provide uniform pressure for each branch line, theoretically the static pressure inside the static pressure box is equal, that is to say, the internal flow rate of the static pressure box is zero, which can be met by the fact that the static pressure box volume is infinite, which is impossible in the project. Generally, the air speed within the box can be controlled below 2m/s, or can be greatly reduced relative to the wind speed of the inlet and outlet duct.

Yes, but there is no fresh air in the room, the reduction of indoor oxygen content, people will feel faint.

It may, if set-up incorrectly or not maintained properly. TAK AIR fresh air system is designed to avoid secondary contamination and our professional maintenance team is trained to ensure it.

The fresh air purification system in TAK AIR is an independent air treatment equipment system consisting of the air supply system and the air return system. At the entrance of the external air, the clean air is brought into the room by the purification module through the decomposition, impact, adsorption, blocking and sterilization of pollutants, and the dirty air is discharged through the exhaust pipe or micro-positive pressure. At the same time, regular maintenance is carried out twice a year, which will never cause secondary pollution.

There are two main sources of noise in the fresh air purification system: a, noise from fan operation in fresh air main engine, the noise generated by the return of the air current shock, friction pipe and the air vent.

a.) The host of the fresh air system is a volute-type centrifugal DC motor fan. The fan is designed with reasonable impeller Angle according to the air flow mechanics. During operation, there is no mechanical friction and the reasonable blade shape line reduces the noise to the minimum; The optimized impeller reduces the axial force to the minimum degree. With an efficient impeller, and after the static and dynamic balance correction, the whole machine runs smoothly. Without any vibration damping device, the bearing amplitude is relatively small. It features small loss, high efficiency, large air volume, small vibration, low noise and other advantages. Compared with AC, DC motor has better performance in energy saving and environmental protection.

Are you still worried about its noise? Obviously not necessary.

b.) a professional design team and standard construction team is available to the installation of TAK AIR fresh air purification system.

Noise reduction scheme 1: Air divider: installed in the fresh air coupling air outlet. Advantages: 1. The air volume is evenly adjustable; 2. Reduce the noise of the tuyere

Noise reduction scheme 2: silencer: a 1-meter-long silencer pipe is installed at the fresh air main outlet and the end air outlet to reduce the noise of the air vent;

Noise reduction scheme 3: Use silencer cotton: a layer of glass fiber soundproof cotton about 1.5-3.5cm thick is pasted inside the fresh air main engine box to effectively reduce the noise of the host operation.

TAK AIR fresh air system include excellent-quality host, professional design team and standardized construction team, which can secure the use effect of the fresh air system of TAK AIR, and reduce noise as far as possible.

Yes, because the source of pollution first through the filter for filter and antisepsis. If the filter doesn’t be replaced in half a year, antibacterial effect will become worse. Although the conveyed fresh air is clean, in the rainy season, the filter cannot block brume. So the growth of bacteria is inevitable, do not change in long-term will cause secondary pollution.

It generally depends on the specific situation. for air distribution, it is better to have more supply air points, but more supply air points will lead to the increase of pipe abnormity and also increase the resistance of the whole system. However, more air supply points will lead to more abnormity of pipe and increase the resistance of the whole system.

So it depends.

Not necessarily, it is subject to availability. It is generally recommended to install in the bathroom or kitchen. It’s fixed with hanging wire and pull explosion. Just as the expansion screw works, the host has a hanging hole, gaskets should be added above and below the hoisting hole. When it’s level, tighten the upper and lower nuts and the customer is advised to add a shock cushion below. The access port is generally left on the terminal side with size of 450×450

Ceiling space to meet the installation height requirements, distance from the wall to meet maintenance requirements, noise impact requirements are not high, convenient indoor pipe, the supervisor convenient access to the outdoor, the host location needs to be placed in the bathroom or kitchen and other non-functional rooms near the outdoor, to meet the noise requirements.

Ceiling space meets the installation height requirements, distance from the wall meets maintenance requirements, noise impact requirements are not high, convenient indoor pipe layout, the convenient access of main duct to the outdoor, the host location needs to be placed in the bathroom or kitchen and other non-functional rooms near the outdoor to meet the noise requirements.

Rough room or secondary decoration of the house is more convenient

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