Why do you need a fresh air purification system in your home?

Home is not only a place to live, but also a space to relax and stay with your family. Today, indoor PM2.5 is higher than ever, which is from the outdoor air pollution or produced by human indoor activities, such as cooking fume, dust raised from floor and so on.

Furthermore, many pathogens from outside air will can induce allergy. If people who have flu stay at home, virus is easier to spread between families in a small room with bad ventilation. These problems may be solved by air purifier. When many people gather in one room, increasing level of CO2 will make people tired and influence our mood and temper.

Fresh air system helps you stay away from passive smoking. No need to worry too much about allergens from pet’s hair. There will be less dust in the room, and you can avoid noise from outside. It purifies the air and provides more oxygen, allow you to breath fresh air whenever you sleep, work out or dine with families.


The patented technology from TAK AIR fresh air system mixes purified air from outside with purified indoor air, and regulated its temperature and humidity, conveyed the air into indoor space. The system utilizes minor positive air pressure to prevent outdoor pollutants and pathogens entering indoor space, thus improving indoor air quality.

  • Remove PM2.5 from outdoor and indoor activities to control PM2.5 within 0.1 μg/m3
  • Remove formaldehyde, TVOC; Kill bacteria effectively
  • Capture allergens from pets or pollen to create a good environment for allergy sufferers
  • Convey fresh air into the room and avoid noise or contamination from the outside
  • Reduce indoor dust accumulation
  • In order to meet different needs, TAK AIR automatically adjusts the air quality.

Installation and After-sale Services

When you decide to use TAK AIR system, we will provide an installation plan after on-site measurement

  • Professional on-site installation and maintenance – bring no trouble to you
  • Provides display of control panel
  • Two-year warranty of the whole device, lifetime maintenance
  • Five-year warranty of motor, lifetime maintenance
  • One-year free maintenance of consumables
  • Provide comprehensive system training
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