• 2019-07-15

    Installation Date

  • 262 sqm

    Total Area

  • TAK AIR Azure


Youth Art Training Center, Jiaxing Tower

Jiaxing Tower is an ideal space for commercial, catering, entertainment, business center use because of its spacious hall and stylish design of shared space.

Unfortunately, the upper office windows are too small, leading to inadequate ventilation, which sometimes affects the training experience. After TAK AIR inspected the on-site situation, a dual flow fresh air system was introduced and effectively solved the problem of ventilation and air purification.


Our youth training center is located in an office building where ventilation is not very good. Since renovation was already done, we didn’t want to destroy anything from original interior design. Re-decorating the room is not only time-consuming but also cause painting smell for a long time. Surprisingly, your installation process was quite fast, so our normal work was not interrupted. Also, it didn’t destroy our internal structure and our air quality got much better.

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