How do office buildings/malls benefit from a fresh air system?

Shopping malls and offices are crowded without strong air circulation, where high level of CO2 and PM2.5. pollution make people suffer from drowsiness, headaches and inability to keep concentration.

A healthy indoor air quality is shown to increase office productivity by 10%1, according to the study from the Technical University of Denmark by indoor climate scientists Pawel Wargocki and David P. Wyon. People prefer to shop in malls with good ventilation and comfortable temperature. Air quality is invisible but influences consumer traffic.

Traditional ventilation system can solve the problem of high CO2 , but lacks purification and sterilization function. During the flu season, cross-infection can be easily found in office with air-condition on, but window closed. When the situation of COVID-19 gets better and workers go back to office, central air-conditioning system (with air flow returned) was not recommended to turn on, despite the weather is still quite cold in February.

Many companies delayed the time work resumption because of the risky indoor environment. Fresh air system with purification function has its significant advantages during this special period. The system provides more oxygen to office while windows are closed. It removes bacteria and viruses and works along with air-conditioning system, creating a comfortable and healthy environment for staff to work.

  1. Study Report: Impact of the Indoor Environment on Learning in Schools in Europe


TAK AIR applicable for shopping malls and office buildings can automatically detect carbon dioxide level and adjust it when its concentration exceeds a set value. While transporting fresh outdoor air into the room and diluting the polluted air, the patented technology lowers temperature and humidity differences, to ensure indoor air comfort and improve air quality at the same time.

  • Automatic detect and adjust CO2 level promptly
  • Remove formaldehyde, TVOC, ozone and PM2.5; kill bacteria efficiently
  • Flexible to connect air outlet from existing equipment or work independently
  • Send fresh air into the room and avoid external noise
  • Heating/cooling costs may lessen significantly because of temperature adjustment by patented technology
  • In order to meet the needs of users, this fresh air system quickly discharge CO2 and is flexible to work with existing air conditioning system

Installation and After-sale Services

When you decide to use TAK AIR system, we will provide an installation plan after site survey

  • Professional on-site installation and maintenance
  • Provides “customized” cloud large-screen display to visualize indoor air quality
  • Two-year warranty of the whole device, lifetime maintenance
  • Five-year warranty of motor, lifetime maintenance
  • One-year free maintenance of filters
  • Provide comprehensive system training
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