Why do nursing homes/ hospitals need a fresh air system?

In the “golden years” of life, people deserve to live in a comfortable and healthy environment – with TAK AIR this vision comes true. Hospitals and senior residences accommodate many patients and senior citizens with low immunity, who are exposed to high density of bacteria. Controlling the level of contaminants, bacteria, pollen and PM2.5 is crucial.

Simply opening the windows is a common method to get fresh air and decrease the density of viral matter. Unfortunately, windows are likely to be closed in summers and winters. It was winter when Coronavirus swept Wuhan, poor ventilation system aggravates the spread of virus. Thunder God Mountain Hospital applied negative pressure and direct current fresh air & conditioning system1 to prevent cross-contaminations from room to room, which also provide patients with comfortable and quiet indoor environment to rest well.

In Guangxi Bama Longevity Village, the forest coverage is up to 57% and the percentage of negative oxygen ions is very high. Such unique geographical environment provides the quality life to seniors who live there. A fresh air system that provides clean and refreshed environment not only benefits physical health but also uplifts the mood. Thanks to technology, today people can enjoy “fresh air”, even when they stay indoors.

  1. Direct current fresh air & conditioning system: Environmental Control of Negative Pressure Isolation Ward in Thunder God Mountain Hospital, China HVAC Network


Through triple protection, TAK AIR Fresh Air Systems eliminate bacteria in the air: first level is the dual ion purification module providing strong sterilization. Second level is the HEPA module which isolates bacteria, fungi and microorganisms. Thirs level is nano-silver film sterilization. While securing sterile fresh air into indoor space, the internal circulation purifies the indoor air again, and our patented technology regulates temperature and humidity and improves the indoor air quality.

  • Triple safeguards eliminate bacteria and virus from the air
  • Filters formaldehyde, bacteria, TVOC, ozone and PM2.5
  • Air ducts remains clean for a long time, no secondary air pollution
  • Whisper-quiet design allows patients/seniors rest well when machine is working
  • Provides air purification with moderate temperature, and save energy consumption when the air conditioner runs.
  • In order to meet the needs of specific users, the TAK AIR Fresh Air System automatically regulate the air quality, clean bacteria from the air, and avoid airborne diseases.

Installation and After-sale Services

When you decide to use TAK AIR system, we will provide an installation plan after on-site measurement

  • Professional on-site installation and maintenance
  • Provides “customized” cloud large-screen display to visualize indoor air quality
  • Two-year warranty of the whole device, lifetime maintenance
  • Five-year warranty of motor, lifetime maintenance
  • One-year free maintenance of consumables
  • Provide comprehensive system training
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