• 2018-04-15

    Installation Date

  • 50 sqm

    Total Area

  • TAK AIR Azure


Chang Hai Hospital

Chang Hai Hospital (formerly the People’s Liberation Army 411th Hospital) is a Level-A hospital. The hospital was established in May 1949, located in Hongkou District, next to bustling Sichuan North Road and Lu Xun Park and Doran Road Cultural Hall street.

TAK AIR based on the actual situation, recommended and offered suitable product for Chang Hai Hospital to create a comfortable, quiet and clean medical environment for their patients.


We shoulder the responsibility to take care of the patient’s living health. The function of air sanitizer or air purifier is only to purify air, but doesn’t help introduce fresh outdoor air. Indoor area is full of bacteria and viruses. Your equipment not only solves the problem of ventilation and purification and brings high-pressure sterilization, thumbs up!

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