• 2019-11-02

    Installation Date

  • 1,280 sqm

    Total Area

  • TAK AIR Azure


HXN Kindergarten, Huangpu District

Huangpu District HXN Kindergarten is a public first-level kindergarten in Shanghai. It offers classes for 3 age range, 9 classes in total.

The environment is well-equipped, with a rooftop garden, pleasant views and a variety of activity rooms. For many years, the problem of indoor air has been ignored by schools and kindergartens. They often unwittingly opt for a ventilation system whose functions are limited, which allows pollutants to spread in classrooms and offices. TAK AIR recommended some products for HXN Kindergarten and provided professional staff installed the product. In so doing, it improves indoor air quality and provides a healthier environment for children to grow up.


Absentees of students and workers significantly diminished during the flu season. Flu and other fast-spreading viruses do not spread easily throughout the campus. Infections of students and teachers with allergies have also been eased after the installation of the new system.

People are easy to stay alert when air is fresh and clean. Studies have shown that students’ test scores and overall cognitive abilities are significantly lower when the indoor air quality is poor. When the CO2 and PM2.5 indices are well controlled, students and teachers are less likely to feel tired indoors and class is more active.

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