Why do schools need a fresh air system?

3-18 year-old children spend more time in school/kindergarten than in any other place. Their health depends on an healthy environment in the classroom. In accordance with National Indoor Air Quality Standards1 nurseries, kindergartens and primary and secondary schools shall conduct testing of indoor air quality. 

Outdoor air pollution is also not a trivial matter: schools in Beijing occasionally had to be cancelled due to serious air pollution2. Thus, it is crucial to provide air purification for classrooms in heavily-polluted areas. In recent years, air purifiers get popular, but they fail to solve the issue of high CO2 levels. Without external air circulation, too little oxygen is available.

Studies have shown that students can concentrate better and perform more actively in the classroom with sufficient oxygen. Reading test performance increased about 13 percent3. But when air conditioners are switched on in summer or winter, windows and doors usually remain shut. For comfortable room temperature and fresh air at the same time, our fresh air systems is the solution.

In the flu season, if one student is sick, the whole class may get infected. Continuously fresh air coming through the system helps prevent cross-infection, because it filters pollen and other allergens, also helps relieve symptoms of asthma and respiratory allergies. With better air quality, students will be healthier and thereby their parents feel more secure.

  1. National Indoor Air Quality Standards: National standard website
  2. Schools in Beijing suspended
  3. Study Report: Impact of the Indoor Environment on Learning in Schools in Europe


TAK AIR system for school continuously sends clean outdoor air to the classroom to solve the insufficient indoor oxygen caused by stuffiness and high density of students. In addition to sending fresh and comfortable air into indoor space, it improves the air quality.

  • Send fresh air into the room to ensure sufficient oxygen
  • Eliminate indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity gradients to create comfortable environment
  • Reducing noise from equipment operation in order not to disturb students taking classes
  • Ventilation capacity is controlled above 200m³/h in each classroom
  • Remove formaldehyde, germs, TVOC, PM2.5 and ozone
  • In order to meet different needs, TAK AIR specializes in the development of fresh air purification system for schools/ kindergartens to automatically adjust the air quality. Ceiling installation, wall-mount and vertical installation are available.

Installation and After-sale Services

When you decide to use school-oriented TAK AIR system, we will provide an installation plan after on-site measurement

  • Professional on-site installation and maintenance
  • Provides “customized” cloud large-screen display to visualize indoor air quality
  • Two-year warranty of the whole device, lifetime maintenance
  • Five-year warranty of motor, lifetime maintenance
  • One-year free maintenance of consumables
  • Provide comprehensive system training
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